Whiting Predator Pack

69,00 EUR
Manufacturer: Whiting

Whiting Predator Pack includes two half size Coq De Leon rooster saddles with different colors. These half saddles have been chosen for tying large size baitfish patterns. Coq de Leon roosters are the oldest genetic chicken line bred for fly tying feathers. Dating back several hundred years, these roosters have traditionally been bred only in Spain. Since the mid-1990's, Whiting Farms has continued the tradition by raising authentic Coq de Leon rooster stock from Spain. Whiting Farms is the only commercial breeder of Coq de Leon outside of Spain.

Whiting Predator Pack can be used for all kind of large streamers from saltwater patterns to pike flies. Use as a wing material like you would use schlappen.

Feather length varies between 7 - 20 cm and barb length 1 - 3 cm.


Grizzly Pardo Green Chartreuse & Orange
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Grizzly Pardo Purple & Kingfisher Blue
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Grizzly Pardo Red & Yellow
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