Daiwa 19 Certate LT

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa 19 Certate LT - CERTATE: It is a trusted name that derives from the meaning for battle, to strive and conquer. Worldwide each series of Certate has evolved and improved, bringing greater function, performance and user satisfaction.


The principal of minimalism continues within the 19 Certate LT. Bringing LT Technology with enhanced feel and power too, is an achievement only surpassed by the Exist reel. The compact body design houses an enlarged Digigear and delivers a smoother and more durable drive.


A true design marvel, Daiwa's Monocoque body offers an incredibly rigid frame, resistant to torque and distortion under load. This stronger, single part structure is smaller on the outside but bigger internally than other two part reels. With no space required for screws there is capacity and clearance for an enlarged drive gear that covers around 85% of the body’s surface.


The unique ‘space age’ technology of Magsealed brings near zero friction and prolonged rotary smoothness. It is a winding pleasure that anyone can appreciate especially with an even lighter ‘start up’ that is 15% more efficient than the previous version. Aside from that, Daiwa has perfected the reels water resistance and durability by blocking even the most micro level of impurities.

Tough Digigear

The drive gear in the 19 Certate LT is Tough Digigear, a further evolution of Digigear II. This represents a brand new manufacturing concept that calculates minute details down to the impact on gear meshing from unexpected forces. The high tensile strength and durability of Extra Super Duralumin is strengthened further through ‘Cold-Sintering’ then shaped through ultra precise ‘Machine Cutting’ to further elevate the performance of the gear. This enables utterly noiseless winding rotation and a precision response to the angler’s delicate finger touch. These three elements combine to achieve the Tough Digigear, offering high-level winding precision and rotation durability.

  • LT Light & Tough
  • Aluminium Monocoque Body
  • Magsealed
  • Tough Digigear
  • Long Cast ABS Spool
  • ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag)
  • One Piece Air Bail
  • New light weight machined aluminium handle
  • 10CRBB
  • Made in Japan
Model Ratio/Crank Ball bearings Line capacity Weight Drag
19 CERTATE LT 2500D 5,2:1/73cm 10CRBB 150m/0.28mm 205g 10kg
19 CERTATE LT 2500XH 6,2:1/87cm 10CRBB 150m/0.20mm 205g 10kg
19 CERTATE LT 3000DC 5,2:1/77cm 10CRBB 150m/0.33mm 210g 10kg
19 CERTATE LT 3000CXH 6,2:1/93cm 10CRBB 150m/0.23mm 210g 10kg
19 CERTATE LT 3000D 5,2:1/77cm 10CRBB 150m/0.33mm 225g 10kg
19 CERTATE LT 3000XH 6,2:1/93cm 10CRBB 150m/0.23mm 225g 10kg
19 CERTATE LT 4000DC 5,2:1/82cm 10CRBB 150m/0.37mm 235g 12kg
19 CERTATE LT 4000CXH 6,2:1/99cm 10CRBB 150m/0.28mm 235g 12kg
19 CERTATE LT 5000DXH 6,2:1/105cm 10CRBB 150m/0.40mm 295g 12kg
19 CERTATE LT 5000D 5,2:1/87cm 10CRBB 150m/0.40mm 295g 12kg


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