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Nahkiss is a Finnish leather treatment, but is also very good fly floatant. Try it for bigger flies like Bomber dry flies. 100% natural friendly product made of lanolin, beeswax and linseed oil.

You can apply Nahkiss on the fly when tying the fly or later when using the fly.

Nahkiss is also great for wading boots. It will make the leather softer and boots will last longer.

Available in two types:

  • Original: Traditional Nahkiss with wax. Best choice for treating leather products. Works for flies too.
  • Non-Wax: Nahkiss for fly tying and fishing, made with special recipe without wax. Softer and easier to apply.

Package size 50 ml. Can size about 6,5 cm x 2 cm, easy to slip in the pocket for fishing trips.

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