Airflo Braided Loops

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Manufacturer: Airflo

Airflo Braided Loops are good for connecting shooting heads to running line, which make changing from one head to another fast and easy. These braided loops can be used with any leaders effectively.

The fact that braided loops are hollow makes it extremely easy to slip over your fly line and cement in place with super glue or flexible cement. To attach, simply cut your fly line at an angle and force your fly line into the hollow braided butt; min. 5 cm is sufficient, then cement in place. You can secure the loop with included plastic sleeve.

Other way to secure the loop is to tie thick thread (3/0 or 6/0) over the loop end. Start 1 cm before the loop end and bring the thread over the end finish over the fly line. Secure the thread with elastic glue.

Salmon model is suitable for #8-10 weight fly lines. Package contains 3 loops.

Salmon, 3 pcs, Sinking
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