Daiwa Tournament X8 Braid EVO+

29,90 EUR
Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa Tournament X8 Braid EVO+ - The well-known Tournament 8 Braid has been further optimized for the EVO+ version. Especially the surface coating has been improved by a greater amount of silicone – thus the line produces even less friction during the cast and thereby optimizes casting distances. Additionally, noise generation within the guides is reduced further.

Like this the Tournament 8 Braid EVO+ is technically one of the world’s best braided lines at the market. The surface of the EVO+ doesn’t split up even at frequent use and maintains its round diameter. For the packaging, Daiwa additionally reduced the usage of plastic material over 50%.

  • Slick and durable silicone coating
  • Less friction, less noise, longer casts
  • Spool size 135 meters
Diameter Strength
0,08 mm 4,9 kg
0,10 mm 6,7 kg
0,12 mm 8,6 kg
0,14 mm 10,2 kg
0,16 mm 12,2 kg
0,18 mm 15,8 kg
0,20 mm 18,0 kg
0,26 mm 19,8 kg
0,30 mm 23,4 kg
0,35 mm 35,1 kg

Color, Package Size, Thickness:

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