RIO InTouch Big Nasty

99,00 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO InTouch Big Nasty is designed specifically to cast large and heavy flies with exceptional ease. The line features a short, powerful front taper that has no problem casting weighted streamer and large terrestrial patterns, and is heavier than the industry standard to load modern rods quickly. The line is built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the minimum of stretch and the maximum in performance, and features RIO's XS and AgentX technologies, as well as welded loops on both ends.

  • Short, powerful front taper to cast large and heavy flies
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum performance
  • Heavier than the industry standard to load easily
  • Supple, coldwater coating ensures no memory off the reel
  • DualTone marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot
  • Neat, bulletproof loops welded at the both ends of the fly line for fast rigging

  • AgentX is a dual layered fly line that utilizes a high floating inner coating made with more buoyant microspheres covered by a tough outer coating for maximum durability

  • ConnectCore is RIO’s ultra-low stretch core (maximum 6%) used in coldwater fly lines that provides incredibly sensitivity and control when casting and fishing

  • Extreme Slickness technology is a chemistry formulation that results in an ultra- slick line with dirt-repelling properties

  • Colour: Moss / Orange

Line size 30' Head Weight Head Length Total Length
WF-5-F   39 ft (12,2 m) 100 ft (30,5 m)
WF-6-F 175 gr 40 ft (12,2 m) 100 ft (30,5 m)
WF-7-F 200 gr 40 ft (12,2 m) 100 ft (30,5 m)
WF-8-F 230 gr 40 ft (12,2 m) 100 ft (30,5 m)
WF-9-F 260 gr 40 ft (12,2 m) 100 ft (30,5 m)
WF-10-F 305 gr 40 ft (12,2 m) 100 ft (30,5 m)

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