FITS Tungsten Scissors

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Manufacturer: Frödinflies

FITS Tungsten Scissors are made of tungsten carbide, so these will cut almost every possible tying material. When used in a right way, blades will stay sharp for a very long time. Usually tungsten carbide scissors are marketed for cutting synthetic tying materials, but they will also cut almost every possible natural material. However, do not use these for metals or very hard plastic. Dropping them on the floor may also injure scissors.

These Frödinflies scissors are available in two different models:

  • FITS Tungsten Scissors: Standard model with straight handles and blades.
  • FITS Crooked Tungsten Scissors: Also known as Ergo model. There is an angle between handles and blade to ensure more ergonomic position. Easy to pick up from the table.


  • Designed for fly tying by Frödinflies
  • Two models available
  • Suitable for allmost all kind of tying materials
  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Painted handles
  • Total length about 10 cm, blade length 2,5 cm


FITS Tungsten Scissors
44,90 EUR
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FITS Crooked Tungsten Scissors
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