Vision Solina2 Outfit

From 299,00 EUR
Manufacturer: Vision

Vision Solina2 - the new and improved outfit from Vision. It fills the void between the Fisu2 and XLV100 outfit with a quality never seen before in this price range. As always everything starts with the line which is Vision's high quality and easy to cast Vibe 85+. The reel is diecast Vision Hero. Solina set has a 4-piece rod that was especially designed for this series. The action is easy to cast for beginners but provides power and sensitivity even for the more experienced fisherman.

  • Well-balanced, easy-to-cast fly fishing outfit
  • 4-piece medium-action Solina2 rod
  • New die cast Hero reel
  • Extremely popular easy-to-use Vibe 85 fly line
  • Suitable backing and 9’ tapered leader
  • Everything pre-spooled and ready for action
  • Comes in a cordura tube with a reel pouch

Vision Solina2 set is available in four different weights:

  • #4, 8': Perfect for fly fishing with dry flies and insect imitations. Suitable for grayling and trout fishing. Short rod is easy to carry.
  • #5, 9': Standard and most popular weight class. This can be used for many applications and you can cast anything from lightweight dry flies to smaller streamers. Not too heavy for grayling fishing or too light for trout.
  • #6, 9': This is a bit heavier model but still quite light to use. Good choice if you like to use streamers and occasionally dry flies and other insect imitations. Works also great at ponds and lakes.
  • #7, 9'6": This is the heaviest model. Heavier line will turn even a bit larger streamers. Perfect for dry fly salmon fishing. Extra length of the blank together with Vibe 85 fly line makes this perfect for single hand spey casts as well. Works even for light pike fishing.
Line Length Pieces
#4 8' 4
#5 9' 4
#6 9' 4
#7 9'6” 4


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