Cortland Nymph Series Fly Rods - European Style Nymphing

309,00 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Cortland

Cortland Nymph Series Fly Rods were specifically designed for modern nymphing techniques. Built on a super light graphite blank which dampens and recovers quickly for exceptional feel. The low reflective, matte black finish allows for an extremely stealthy approach while providing an addition layer of protection. The down-locking reel seat combined with the composite fighting butt allows for exceptional balance and fast hook sets. Nymph Series fly rods feature over-sized light wire single foot guides for easier passage of fly line, monofilament and knots. All ferrules and guides are coated with highly durable epoxy, resisting cracks, flex stress and excessive knots. Finished with alignment dots, size specific rod bags and a protective cordura rod tube.


  • 4 Piece Graphite Blank With Matte Finish
  • Anodized Down-locking Reel Seat
  • Dual Locking Rings
  • Premium Ferrule & Guide Epoxy
  • Over-sized Light Wire Single Foot Guides
  • High-grade Cork
  • Cork Composite Fighting Butt
  • Alignment Dots
  • Rod Bag and Cordura Rod Tube
Fly line wt Length Weight Rod pieces
#2 10'6" 102 g (3.6 oz.) 4
#3 10'6" 108 g (3.8 oz.) 4
#4 10'6" 111 g (3.9 oz.) 4

Cortland fly rods have legal guarantee. Cortland sells spare parts in cases where the rod breaks as a result of an accident. To use their service, customer needs to register the fly rod within 30 days of the date of purchase at Cortland's web pages. Cortland's services are only applicable for the first owner of the rod. Usually spare section costs around 30-60 euros depending on which part of the rod is broken and to which country the spare part will be shipped. Delivery time is usually approximately 1-4 months. If you have purchased your rod from Mistpool and need a spare part, please contact us.


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