Wild Boar (FutureFly)

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Manufacturer: FutureFly

Wild Boar is multi-purpose hair material for salmon & seatrout flies, shrimps and insect imitations. You can easily tie good looking feelers for your favourite crustacean patterns. For example Red Francis' feelers are easy to tie from boar hair. Great material also for all kind of insect imitations. Use for mayfly tails, caddis antennae and realistic insect legs. Splits easily for smaller flies. Hair structure is quite stiff but flexible.

These FutureFly's Wild Boar pieces are not bleached before dying so these have quite natural look and may have some variance in colours.

  • FutureFly's Wild Boar can be used from salmon flies to insect imitations
  • Skin size approximately 6 x 8 cm
  • Hair length is usually 4 - 8 cm


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