Frödinflies Mikael's 20 Favourite Flies

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Manufacturer: Frödinflies

Frödinflies Mikael's 20 Favourite Flies - This bigger assortment is a unique collection of Mikael Frödin’s own favourite flies. Here you find the flies Mikael fishes the most, flies that have given him thousands of salmon on rivers all around the world. We look at this as the perfect box for the very concerned salmon fisherman, the one that want to fish the most trustable and effective salmon fly. Presented in Frödinflies' Classic Double Salar Supreme box.


  • Comes with SALAR Supreme Classic Double box
  • Expert tips from Mikael Frödin 
  • Truly proven flies for specific conditions    
  • Flies that's taken thousands of fish 
  • Reduced package price
  • Please note that the flies with genuine junglecock feathers in the picture are in reality tied of synthetic substitute which allows you to travel abroad with the flies.

Includes the following 20 fly patterns:

  • Pahtakorva 6 cm
  • Vaehaeniva 10 cm
  • Zebra 8 cm
  • Nanook 6 cm
  • Nasty Banana 8 cm
  • Pahtakorva TTT 9 cm
  • Nasty Banana TTT 6 cm
  • The Witch TTT 3 cm
  • Mikkeli Samurai 3 cm
  • Zebra Samurai 12 cm
  • Green Samurai 8 cm
  • Dee Sheep 3 cm
  • Pahtakorva 3 cm
  • G.P Special 3 cm
  • Green Tri Turbo Bomber 4 cm
  • Black Simple Hitch 3 cm
  • Thunder Spey TTT 6 cm
  • Black Doctor Spey 3 cm
  • Em Z Spey 3 cm
  • Silver Doctor Spey 3 cm
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