Frödinflies 8 Great Flies for Flooded Conditions

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Manufacturer: Frödinflies

Frödinflies 8 Great Flies for Flooded Conditions - These flies have bright colors and fat silhouette! Flies that shine and are seen in dirty conditions, presented in Frödinflies' Classic Double SALAR Supreme box. Contains Mikael Frödin's 8 favourite flies for murky waters.

  • Comes with Classic Double SALAR Supreme box
  • Expert tips from Mikael Frödin
  • Truly proven flies for specific conditions
  • Flies that's taken thousands of fish
  • Reduced package price
  • Please note that the flies with junglecock feathers in the picture are in reality tied of synthetic substitute which allows you to travel abroad with the flies

Includes following 8 flies:

  • In Flames 10 cm
  • In Flames 9 cm
  • Sierrakorva 10 cm
  • Torrish Samurai 12 cm
  • Willie Gun 10 cm
  • Ally Samurai 12 cm
  • Moonshine 10 cm
  • Willie Gun 9 cm
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