BKK Basilisk

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Manufacturer: BKK

BKK Basilisk is designed for Texas-style rigging of slimmer profile worm baits such as curly tail worms and straight tail worms, fishing with medium-weight line.

The traditional O’shaughnessy bend design prevents the fish from coming off during the fight, ensuring a solid hook up.

In addition, BKK’s signature Super Slide hook coating and needle-sharp hook point provide excellent penetration performance, increasing the hook up ratio.

  • High carbon steel
  • Forged and tempered to optimum strength
  • SS Coating
  • Medium wire
Hook size Total length Gape width Quantity
#3/0 50 mm 14,0 mm 7 pcs
#2/0 47 mm 12,5 mm 7 pcs
#1/0 44 mm 11,2 mm 8 pcs
#1 40 mm 10,2 mm 8 pcs

Hook Size:

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