BKK Siren

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Manufacturer: BKK

BKK Siren is a worm hook specifically developed for Texas rigging a wide variety of worm baits such as curly tail worm baits, straight tail worm baits and stick baits.

A medium gauge wire design makes it suitable for medium weight lines.

The round bend ensures an adequate hook gap that allows for a proper hook up even when using bulkier profile worm baits.

The combination of Super Slide coating and the needle-sharp hook point ensures great penetration performance and smooth hook ups by decreasing piercing resistance.

  • High carbon steel
  • Forged and tempered to optimum strength
  • SS Coating
  • Medium wire
Hook size Total length Gape width Hook size
#4/0 51 mm 15,7 mm 6 pcs
#3/0 48 mm 14,7 mm 6 pcs
#2/0 45 mm 13,5 mm 6 pcs
#1/0 42 mm 12,6 mm 7 pcs
#1 40 mm 11,9 mm 7 pcs

Hook Size:

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