Westin Kongetobis

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Manufacturer: Westin

Westin Kongetobis - Kongetobis is a popular name for the biggest sand eels found along the Scandinavian coastline. This lure mimics their size and swimming pattern. When fished with a steady to fast retrieve the front part will break the surface giving you the exact and discrete swimming pattern of a sand eel skimming the surface for food. To make the lure do this the balance has to be just perfect - exactly what we managed to do with Kongetobisen. Good choice for coastal seatrout fishing.

  • Lead free construction
  • Material: ABS plastic / Zinc
  • Japanese-style hook
  • Hook size: #1
  • Two special glow colors for night fishing
  • Stay On - double split ring hook mount
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia
  • Weight 27 g
  • Length 14,5 cm


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