Tiemco Stripping Guard

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Manufacturer: Tiemco

Tiemco Stripping Guard is high quality stripping guard made in Japan. TMC Stripping Guards are a practical choice for those who like to fish at stillwater. Stripping the fly line causes burns and cuts to your index and middle finger's skin especially when targeting for saltwater species. With these guards it's possible to prevent those problems and fish longer periods without breaks. Stripping Guard also cleans fly line continuously. Stripping Guards are made of flexible and comfortable material.

Recommended for those who fish in stillwater for pike, seatrout or tropical fish species.

Two models available:

  • Long: Natural color version. Thinner material and shorter length. Thinner material gives more direct feeling to the fly line. Stretches more and is better for those with thicker fingers. Length 5,5 cm, material's thickness 0,5 mm.
  • EX Long: Black color version. Longer model with thicker structure. The inner material used keeps your finger warmer. Not as flexible as the thinner version and we do not recommend this for thicker fingers. Length 7 cm, material's thickness 1,0 mm.

Both models include three pieces per package.

Long (Length)

Natural, 0,5 mm
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EX Long (Length)

Black, 1,0 mm
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