Cortland Pike Musky

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Manufacturer: Cortland

Cortland Pike Musky - This Cortland’s Specialty Series Pike Musky fly line effortlessly turns over large, air resistance predator flies. The compact over-weighted head design loads modern rods deep. Cortland's X-Strong Core provides extra core strength and exceptional handling in the coldest months. Available in four different densities.


Full floating line works best in shallow water. Good choice for cold water conditions at late autumn and early spring, when slow stripping speed is the key element for getting pikes striking the fly. Floating line is also the only option for top water flies, such as poppers etc. during warm summer months. Head length 26 feet (7,9 m).


Full intermediate fly line with intermediate head and running line. All-a-round fly line for fishing the upper water column. Works throughout the year with all kind of pike flies. If you want to have only one pike fly line, intermediate is the best choice. Head length 26 feet (7,9 m).

Sink 4

This type 4 sinking pike fly line has a head that sinks 4-5 inches per second (10-13 cm/s) and with it you can cover multiple water columns. Good choice for a bit deeper hot spots. Intermediate running line. Head length 30 feet (9,1 m).

Sink 8

This fast sinking pike fly line has a head that sinks 8-8,5 inches per second (20-22 cm/s). Can be used in deep lakes and also in the sea. Pulls easily bulky flies down deep. Intermediate running line. Head length 30 feet (9,1 m).

  • Cortland Pike Musky is designed for pike fly fishing
  • Available in four different densities
  • Floating and intermediate models' head length 26 feet (7,9 m)
  • Sink 4 and Sink 8 models' head length 30 feet (9,1 m)
  • Aggressive Taper Design
  • Short head is good choice especially when fishing from belly boat
  • Thicker step section behind the head makes handling easier and increases durability 
  • X-Strong Core - Exceptional handling in the cold water

Measurements are shown below. Please note that the line weight is measured in accordance of AFTM standard, i.e. it shows the weight of the first 30 feet (9,14 m) of fly line:

Model Head weight (first 30')
#8 280 gr
#9 330 gr
#10 380 gr
#11 450 gr
#12 500 gr
#12+ 600 gr

For over 100 years Cortland Line has been designing and manufacturing the world’s most innovative fly line and braided fishing line.

With passion and experience, Cortland Line Company remain focused on one thing: fishing. Fishing has been and always will be what drives them to develop the most advanced lines offered today. Located in Cortland, NY – all lines are made in the USA. All of the lines share the latest in line technology – many technologies that Cortland itself pioneered for the industry.

Line Model, Sink Rate:

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