Cortland Competition MKII Rod

329,00 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Cortland

Cortland Competition MKII Rods - from streamer fishing lakes and rivers to double hauling clousers for stripers, the MKII excels in all water types. MKII Rods were developed by world renowned competition anglers who demand superior performance and true versatility.  The 10' design on these fast action rods provides a platform for smooth distance casting without compromising line control.

MKII Rods are constructed with blends of premium high modulus graphite giving this rod the perfect balance between being lightweight and durable. These rods feature full wells grips made from high quality Portuguese grade cork. Single foot oversized light wire guides are used for maximum energy transfer of line. A stealthy unpainted matte finished blank doesn’t reflect light and adds to this rods tactical design. All models feature a cork composite fighting butt for comfortably fighting fish and steering big heads into the net.


These rods are ideal for throwing tight loops with long range floating lines.  The reinforced blank also features enough power to effortlessly cast sink tips and full sinking lines in heavy head winds. This rod pair’s great with aggressively tapered lines as well as lines with long body’s that transfer more energy into your cast.

These rods' deep loading ability allows anglers to hit their target from shore or from a boat with ease. The extremely sensitive tip paired with the rods' lightweight 10' design, makes this rod a great choice for tight line nymphing large game species such as steelhead.

When targeting trophy fish, you can never be over prepared.  The MKII is ready to dominate any situation you may face out on the water.

  • High Modulus Graphite Blank 
  • Lightweight and Balanced 
  • Tactical Matte Finish 
  • Full Wells Grip
  • Cork Composite Fighting Butt  
  • 4 Piece Rod 
  • Anodized Up-Locking Reel Seat 
Line weight Length Weight
#6 10' 116 g (4,1 oz)
#7 10' 119 g (4,2 oz)
#8 10' 122 g (4,3 oz)

Cortland fly rods have legal guarantee. Cortland sells spare parts in cases where the rod breaks as a result of an accident. To use their service, customer needs to register the fly rod within 30 days of the date of purchase at Cortland's web pages. Cortland's services are only applicable for the first owner of the rod. Usually spare section costs around 30-60 euros depending on which part of the rod is broken and to which country the spare part will be shipped. Delivery time is usually approximately 1-4 months. If you have purchased your rod from Mistpool and need a spare part, please contact us.


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