Sybai Holo Ultrafine Dubbing

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Manufacturer: Sybai Tackle

Sybai Holo Ultrafine Dubbing is extremely fine dubbing made of holographic fibers with a length of up to 50 mm. Holographic effect is moderate and adds just the right amount of shine for the fly without making it to look too artificial.

Easy to dub straight on the fly tying thread. Long fibers allow tying heads and front bodies with dubbing loop or simply tie several bunches of dubbing on the hook, fold backwards and comb for final look. Can be used for insect imitations, leeches, streamers, salmon & seatrout flies or any other wet fly pattern.

UVR dyed fibers are added to some colors. This creates a shiny effect under UV flashlight. The effect is stronger on brighter colors and less visible on darker UVR colors. Please note that all color options are not UVR colors.

  • Sybai Holo Ultrafine Dubbing is synthetic material for wet flies
  • Holographic fibers for extra shine
  • Easy to dub
  • Use for insect imitations' bodies, leeches or tie heads for moderately sized streamers
  • Fiber length up to 50 mm
  • UVR color options have UV reflective fibers added for a nice effect under UV lamp (all color options are not UVR colors)
  • Package contains 1 gram of dubbing


Blue Gray
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Chartreuse UVR
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Claret Brown
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Gold UVR
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Golden Olive
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Pink (dark)
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Pink UVR
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