Ahrex NS105 - Streamer D/E Barbless

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Manufacturer: Ahrex

Ahrex NS105 - Streamer D/E Barbless is a down eye streamer hook for tying both freshwater and saltwater flies. Bent-in-point holds fish better than straight hook point as we are speaking of barbless model. The design and shape is ideal for tying streamers, seatrout flies, saltwater flies, leeches and many other wet fly and baitfish patterns.

This hook is part of Ahrex's Nordic Salt (NS) range. It means improved corrosion resistance with black nickel finish. The coating is also slicker than standard bronze finish hooks with enhanced penetration features. Wire is quite light so the fly tied on this hook will remain rather easy to cast and not too fast sinking.

  • NS105 - Streamer D/E Barbless is multi-purpose hook model for both freshwater and saltwater use
  • Barbless hook - fish friendlier option
  • Hook point is bent inwards which increases landing rate and holds fish better in hook
  • Down eye
  • Black nickel finish
  • 18 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#2 35,3 mm 10,8 mm
#4 31,3 mm 10,2 mm
#6 28,3 mm 9,1 mm
#8 24,4 mm 7,9 mm
#10 21,7 mm 7,1 mm
#12 19,0 mm 6,0 mm

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