Diamond Sharpener Eze-Lap

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Diamond Sharpener is perfect for sharpening knives, hooks and scissors. A wuick, easier way to sharper. Tougher, longer lasting, heat treated diamond sharpening.

This professional diamond sharpener is so quick and easy to use that anyone, even those unsuccessful with other sharpener, can obtain a razor sharp edge in seconds. The millions of diamond cutting surfaces on this professional diamond sharpener are permanently bonded in a stainless steel alloy. This is accomplished through a patented heat treating process not duplicated by anyone else in the world. One Eze-Lap diamond sharpener will perform the combined functions of conventional stones, steels and ceramic sticks, and do it quickly and easily, without oil or water.

Lenght 15 cm, width 1,8 cm. Diamond part is about 5 cm long.

15 cm
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