Vision Scout Hoodie

99,00 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Vision

Vision Scout Hoodie features relaxed fit, technical features and a hood which can be used over a cap. It is made from a mixture of merino wool, bamboo and spandex. Thanks to these materials it is highly sweat absorbent, pulling moisture from your skin evaporating it or moving it to the next layers. This function keeps you dry. The fabric is woven so that it interlocks air and thanks to merino wool’s warm charasteristics this is a great layer in cooler conditions. As both bamboo and merino wool fibres are like silk for softness, this shirt feels super soft. Thanks to bamboo’s and merino wool’s antibacterial features it keeps you feeling fresher and odour free for longer. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world making it one of the most sustainable sources for textile fibre.

Insect proof

The Bug treatment keeps the annoying buzzing friends away. The anti-mosquito treatment is based on permethrin and it lasts on the garment its expected life span. It is not harmful for the user and it prevents insect bites through the fabric by killing the insect that contacts the fabric.

  • Fabric weight 270g/m2
  • 40% merino wool, 56,5% bamboo, 3,5% spandex
  • The merino wool which is used in this garment is mulesing free.

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