Sportex Carat GT-S Seatrout

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Manufacturer: Sportex

Sportex Carat GT-S Seatrout - Fast, modern, and powerful. These are the key features of the completely upgraded Carat GT-S series spinning rods. Thanks to the use of latest T1100 Helicore blank, with special epoxy resin and nano-materials, these rods are even more impressive than the previous version, with better loading characteristics when it comes to long casts calling for real precision. In additon, Sportex has succeeded in improving the rod’s fine sensitivity, with the tip immediately signalling every fish contact. Ergonomic 3K split handles round off the innovative appearance and, together with the fast action, guarantee extremely direct transfer of the bite right down to the handle. Other top quality features include Seaguide SIC guides in K style, a carbon DPS reel seat with FUJI hoods, and a Seaguide ‘D-Hook’ hook keeper. An extraordinary series of rods for scoring success on the water.

These Sportex Carat GT-S Seatrout special rods have extra sensitive tip sections for successfully tackling sea trout. This model is exceptionally well-suited for using sbirulinos, bombardas floats or blinker spoons. Thanks to the special action of the blank, even fierce attempts to get away are brought entirely under control, avoiding unnecessary loss of fish. Sportex developed the CC2750 "finesse" version particularly for fishing with thin lines and small, lightweight lures. Thanks to the filigree tip, trout swallow the lure without any worries, and that ups the catch quota! All Seatrout rods come with top quality natural cork handles and a practical length marker to measure the fish you land.

Sportex Carat GT-S Seatrout rod models:

  • CC2750 - 9'2", 6-19 g: The lightest rod model for thin lines and small seatrout lures. Optimal lure weight 15 g.
  • CC2751 - 9'2", 5-29 g: All-around seatrout rod for beach and boat fishing. Optimal lure weight 25 g.
  • CC3051 - 10'0", 8-34 g: The longest rod model. Best suitable for beach fishing where long casts are required. Optimal lure weight 28 g.
Model Length Lure weight (optimal) Pieces Weight Transport length
CC2750 9'2" / 275 cm 6-19 g (15 g) 2 157 g 142 cm
CC2751 9'2" / 275 cm 5-29 g (25 g) 2 171 g 142 cm
CC3051 10'0" / 305 cm 8-34 g (28 g) 2 196 g 155 cm


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