Daiwa Morethan Baitcasting Rod

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa Morethan Baitcasting Rod - With the Morethan rods Daiwa has succeeded in developing premium-class rods, especially for sea trout fishing. Morethan rods combine all recommendable attributes of a baitcasting rod for sea trout.

Due to the use of SVF carbon fiber, X45 construction and the Nanoplus technology, we were able to develop incredibly light blanks for our Morethan rods, which instantly resile to their starting position after the cast! The spigot joint with V-Joint Alpha technology enables the design of especially slim rods with enormously improved bending curve and increased resilience regarding the connections between all different parts. The X45 construction improves the compression of the blank and makes the whole rod even more distortion-proof – more precise casts and a reduced risk of fractures are the result!

The Morethan baitcasting rods care for an outstanding feeling – the extremely light and distortion-proof AGS guides made of carbon fiber send every movement and contact with the lure, ground or fish instantly to the blank and your hand.

Morethan baitcasting rods are perfect match for Scandinavian sea trout anglers!

MTAGS932MFB-AS - 9'3", 7-35 g works best with normal and slightly heavier lures, fast action. Enough power for coping with heavy headwind. Use for both beach and boat fishing. Pet name "Bay area commander".

Daiwa Morethan Spinning Rod features:

  • 2 sections
  • SVF Nanoplus carbon
  • X45 construction
  • 3DX
  • V-Joint Alpha spigot joint
  • High level AGS guides
  • Split grip EVA handle
  • Daiwa Zero G reel seat
Model Length Weight Casting weight Action Section Pet name
MTAGS932MFB-AS 9'3''/282cm 127g 7-35g Fast 2 Bay area commander
MTAGS932MFB-AS - 9'3", 7-35 g
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