Cheeky Tyro

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Manufacturer: Cheeky

Cheeky Tyro pairs the advantages of die-casting with the precision and finish qualities of CNC machining for a value fly fishing reel that outperforms. Each Tyro frame and spool utilizes die-casting technology to maximize stability and durability, while components such as the reel foot, drag knob, and spool knob are CNC machined to provide that superior finish Cheeky Fishing is known for. Cheeky's B2 Channel, Quick Change Spool and Rev Carbon Drag System are just a few of the features on this fly reel that you'll be glad to have at your disposal during your next big adventure.

Cheeky Tyro 300

Small reel for line weights #2-4. Suitable for dry fly fishing, nymph fishing etc.

Cheeky Tyro 350

Standard size fly reel for weights #5-6. Suitable for fishing rivers, ponds, small lakes etc.

Cheeky Tyro 375

A bit larger fly reel for weights #7-8.  An ideal all-around weapon for rivers and lakes, seatrout fishing etc. 


  • Rev Carbon Drag System
  • Lightweight design
  • B2 Backing Channel
  • Quick change spool
  • Simple L/R retrieve conversion
  • Silent retrieve
  • Neoprene reel pouch included
Model Line weight Weight
Tyro 300 #2-4 130 g (4,6 oz.)
Tyro 350 #5-6 150 g (5,3 oz.)
Tyro 375 #7-8 159 g (5,6 oz.)


Tyro 300
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Tyro 350
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Tyro 375
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