Stonfo Flylab C Clamp Vise

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Manufacturer: Stonfo

Stonfo Flylab C Clamp Vise is high quality rotary vise for tying all kind of flies. Made in Florence, Italy. C Clamp attachment can be used with table that has max. 5 cm thick table top. The difference between this model and the Flylab Lever Vise is the hook attachment. On this model the hook is attached by tightening the rotary tension knob, placing the hook and screwing the handwheel after that. Infinite head angle adjustment and 360 degree rotary action. Adjustable rotary tension. Locking of the head 0 - 180 degrees. Interchangeable hardened steel jaw (medium size). Compact and lightweight. Supplied with c clamp attachment, spring material clip, allen key and instruction manual.

Stonfo Flylab C Clamp Vise features:

  • Precise hook attaching by tightening the handwheel
  • C clamp attachment - suitable for table tops with max. 50 mm thickness
  • 360 degree rotary action
  • Adjustable rotary tension
  • Jaws angle can be adjusted
  • Delivered with c clamp, spring material clip, allen key and instruction manual
  • Spare jaws are available for purchase - easy way to widen the suitable hook range
  • Made in Florence, Italy
Vice and C-Clamp
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