Double Dragon Tails

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Manufacturer: Pacchiarini's

What could posibly be better in the rear of a pike fly than a regular Dragontail? The answer is simple. A Double Dragon Tail! This cool tail will push more water and make more noise than the regular tails making sure your fly get the attention it deserves from those hungry freshwater crocs!

Available in a whole bunch of cool colors making it easy to match all your cool predator flies.

Double Dragon Tails features:

  • Use for pike and zander flies
  • Creates a lot of noise and movement in the water
Size Width Length Quantity
XL 12 cm 5 cm 3 pcs

Color, Size:

Fl. Chartreuse, XL
In stock
Fl. Orange, XL
In stock
Fl. Pink, XL
In stock
Fl. Yellow, XL
In stock
Holo. Black, XL
In stock
Holo. Gold, XL
In stock
Holo. Silver, XL
In stock
Pearl, XL
In stock
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