Peacock Herl (Flybox)

3,95 EUR Incl. 24% VAT

Peacock Herl by Flybox is available in bleached & dyed colors in addition to natural color. Peacock herls are basic material for fly tying and they give nice look for streamer & salmon flies' tails and wings.

  • Use in tails and wings
  • Tie on the tail or wing or mix in the wing
  • Usually 4 - 10 herls per wing is sufficient amount
  • Length approximately 8 - 14 cm

Peacock is included in CITES list (Pavo Cristatus, CITES III/C specie). We do not sell this product outside EU. Exporting or travelling with this product or parts of it outside EU always requires valid export permit from your local authorities.


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Blood Red
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Fl. Lime
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Fl. Sunburst
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Fl. Yellow
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Golden Olive
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