Peacock Eye Feathers (10 pcs)

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Peacock Eye Feathers have natural look and shine. Peacock herls are used for tying bodies or added on the streamer and salmon flies' wings for beautiful look. Can be used in both wet and dry flies. Necessary material for many classic fly patterns.

When used as a body material, attach the herls on the hook and wind around hook shank. This particular tying style is used on many legendary fly patterns such as Red Tag or Klinkhammer, where the thorax is made of peacock herl. Red Tag's whole body is tied of peacock herl.

  • Large package - contains 10 feathers
  • Beautiful, natural color
  • Feather length about 15 - 20 cm
  • Fiber length about 7 - 11 cm
  • Feathers are shorter than full peacock feathers as they are cut slightly below the eye section of the feather

Peacock is included in CITES list (Pavo Cristatus, CITES III/C specie). We do not sell this product outside EU. Exporting or travelling with this product or parts of it outside EU always requires valid export permit from your local authorities.

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