Bauer's Pike Flash

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Manufacturer: Textreme

Bauer's Pike Flash is a 34 cm long, strong and wide flash to cover most of your predator fly tying needs. Perfect for pike flies and large saltwater fly patterns, but can be of course used as well in smaller patterns too. Try for trout streamers, leeches, seatrout flies and other wet flies. Usually few strands on both sides of the wing is sufficient amount.

Textreme Bauer's Pike Flash features:

  • These are longer and a little bit wider than standard flashabou strands
  • Ideal for large fly patterns, such as pike flies and saltwater flies & seatrout flies
  • Holographic colour patterns
  • Length: 34 cm
  • Width: 0,8 mm (1/32")
  • Approximately 300 strands per package


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