Dr. Slick Spring Creek Clamps

21,95 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Dr. Slick

Dr. Slick Spring Creek Clamps are small and easy to carry in the pocket or attach to the fly fishing vest. Smooth jaws (not serrated) are ideal for crushing barbs. Needle nose jaws allow this clamp to be used with #26 midges all the way to #6 buggers. Needle behind the jaws can be used for opening clogged hook eye.

Available with straight and curved jaws. Two color options.

Dr. Slick Spring Creek Clamps feature:

  • Designed for fly fishing
  • Smooth jaws
  • Needle
  • Available in gold and black colors
  • Total lenght of the clamps is about 13 cm

Color, Model:

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