Hends 164BL

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Manufacturer: Hends

Hends 164BL Jig Competition Hook is a barbless hook for euronymph style fly patterns. It has bended front section that is suitable to be used with slotted beads. Standard wire with black nickel finish and bent-in hook point. Use for tying all kind of jig nymph flies.

Hends 164BL Jig Competition Hook features:

  • Jig style fly hook for modern euronymph patterns
  • Barbless
  • Standard wire
  • Bent-in hook point
  • Black nickel finish
  • 25 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#12 12,2 mm 4,9 mm
#14 11,2 mm 4,3 mm
#16 9,2 mm 3,5 mm

Hook Size:

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