Hends CDC

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Manufacturer: Hends

Hends CDC Feathers are basic material for many dry fly patterns. Feathers are not selected, so the package will contain a mix of different sized and shaped feathers. CDC feathers have unique floatant charasteristics and they can be wind around the hook shank just like any other feather. Dubbing loop is another way of tying these feathers. Also a good wing material when tied on the hook in several bunches. CDC feathers' barbs are soft and they give very buggy and natural look for insect imitations.

In addition to dry flies, CDC is also a very good material for wet flies. Try as a collar hackle for nymphs.

With Cul de Canard it is recommended to use specific floatant designed for CDC products to maintain the buoyant nature of the feathers.

Hends CDC Feathers features:

  • A bag of mixed type CDC feathers - length and shape varies
  • Use for dry flies, nymph collars etc.
  • Feather length about 1 - 4 cm
  • Barb length about 0,5 - 2 cm
  • Package of 1 gram


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