Peacock Herl (Hends)

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Manufacturer: Hends

Peacock Herl is an absolute must-have material for every fly tier. Herls are used in bodies, heads and wings. Very nice natural shine and color. Colors are only lightly dyed, so the is no big differences between different color options. Natural shine is preserved in all colors.

Peacock Herl features:

  • Basic material for all fly tying
  • Use as a body & thorax material, wind around the hook shank for natural looking body (Red Tag, insect imitations)
  • Use as a top wing material for baitfish patterns, streamers, salmon flies, tube flies etc. 
  • Herl length varies, most of them are about 7-16 cm long

Peacock is included in CITES list (Pavo Cristatus, CITES III/C specie). We do not sell this product outside EU. Exporting or travelling with this product or parts of it outside EU may require export/import permit from your local and/or destination country's authorities.


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