BKK Spoon-22 UVO

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Manufacturer: BKK

BKK Spoon-22 UVO is a similar hook to Spoon-22 SS, but with UVO coating. BKK’s Ultra Violet Orange (UVO) paint delivers high contrast, visibility and glows when there is UV light available in the water column. UVO hook works as a hotspot for your lure and ensures that the fish will see your lure.

Bright medium/heavy wire spoon replacement hook great for large trout and salmon both in fresh and saltwater environments. The hook features an oversized eye for better mobility and an in-turned point to prevent snags. Designed with seatrout fishing in mind.

BKK Spoon-22 UVO hook features:

  • Ultra Violet Orange (UVO) coating - the hook will work as a hotspot for your lure
  • Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Use with spoon lures
  • Perfect single hook for seatrout fishing
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Oversize ring eye for easy rigging and free movement
  • Medium/Heavy wire
Hook size Total length Gape width Quantity
#1/0 26 mm 14 mm 8 pcs
#1 24 mm 14 mm 9 pcs
#2 22 mm 13 mm 9 pcs
#4 21 mm 12 mm 9 pcs

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