Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel Nail

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Manufacturer: Savage Gear

Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel Nail - Featuring intricate and realistic details, this long and slender nail-shaped lure is designed to perfectly mimic a sandeel. It swims with a slim s-curve action and both shimmers and rotates on a spin-stop, sending out bright flashes that trigger hard strikes from predators. The Sandeel Nail can withstand extreme distance casting over and over again in any conditions thanks to its super light zinc alloy and internal Teflon tubing construction. Supplied with our super-sharp, ring-rigged SGY- treble hooks and our GPS single hooks, plus soft and hard beads for adaptable Line Thru rigging.

  • Use for seatrout fishing
  • Casts long distances
  • Made of durable and lightweight zinc
  • Package includes stopper beads, one single hook and one treble hook with double split rings
Length Weight
11 cm 20 g

Color, Model:

Black Red, 11 cm / 20 g
In stock
Fl. Green, 11 cm / 20 g
In stock
Sand Eel, 11 cm / 20 g
In stock
Silver Plating, 11 cm / 20 g
In stock
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