Daiwa 21 Freams LT

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa 21 Freams LT continues the global success of the previous model with Tough Digigear design and LT concept combining to produce a lightweight but powerful reel. Daiwa’s ATD Drag produces smooth & consistent drag performance and the LC ABS spool & Airbail architecture means longer casts and less line trouble.

21 Freams features brand new Zaion V construction. Zaion V is an evolution of Daiwa’s famous Zaion technology and enables the use of this material in reels much lower in price than ever before. Zaion V is significantly stronger than the previous Carbon Light material from the 18 Freams LT and will deliver a much more rigid body. Zaion V is also much lighter than traditional composite materials which also means the new Freams LT is not only stronger, but also much lighter.

Daiwa 21 Freams LT features:

  • LT (Light & Tough)
  • Zaion V body
  • Magsealed body construction
  • 5 Ball Bearings
  • Zaion V AIR ROTOR
  • Tough Digigear
  • ATD drag system
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • CNC cut aluminum handle
  • Hi-Grip handle knob
  • Air Bail
Model Ratio/Crank Ball Bearings Line Capacity Weight Drag Handle Knob Features
21FRMLT1000D 5,2:1/64cm 5 0.20mm/150m 185g 5kg I-shape Deep spool
21FRMLT2000D 5,2:1/68cm 5 0.23mm/150m 185g 5kg I-shape Deep spool
21FRMLT2500D 5,3:1/75cm 5 0.28mm/150m 205g 10kg t-shape Deep spool
21FRMLT3000D-C 5,3:1/80cm 5 0.33mm/150m 210g 10kg t-shape Deep spool, Compact body
21FRMLT4000D-C 5,2:1/82cm 5 0.37mm/150m 235g 12kg t-shape Deep spool, Compact body
21FRMLT5000-C 5,2:1/87cm 5 0.37mm/150m 245g 12kg t-shape Compact body
21FRMLT6000D-C 5,1:1/92cm 5 0.40mm/150m 330g 12kg t-shape Deep spool, Compact body


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