Daiwa Caldia Spinning Rod (2 & 4 pc models)

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa Caldia Spinning Rod is available in both 2 pc and 4 pc models. The HVF carbon fiber blanks of the Caldia spinning rods feature a very pleasant handling and are distinguished by their exceptionally actions. The HVF carbon fiber material enables the construction of very light and slim – at the same time – extremely resilient blanks.

The X45 carbon fiber construction leads to an improved compression of the blank thanks to the special positioning of the carbon fibers – the blanks are very distortion-proof, enable more precise casts and can be controlled perfectly during the fight and the lure presentation. Aditionally the rods get more resistance against damages.

The V-Joint technology stands for an exclusively developed, BIAS carbon fiber layer at the spigot joints, made by DAIWA. This special material makes this usually sensitive part of a rod very robust and improves the bending curve at the same time. We particularly paid attention to the rod’s balance – the construction of the handle section, the selection of premium, very light Fuji Alconite K-guides and the used materials together stand for the perfect feeling of the rods and enable effortless fishing over hours.

Daiwa Caldia Spinning Rod features:

  • 2 pc and 4 pc models
  • HVF Carbon
  • X45
  • Fuji Alconite K-guides
  • V-Joint
  • Full cork handle

2 pc models:

Model Length Weight Casting weight Action Sections
CAL802MRS-AS 8'/244cm 142g 7-28g Regular 2
CAL902MLRS-AS 9'/274cm 147g 5-25g Regular 2
CAL902MRS-AS 9'/274cm 155g 10-35g Regular 2
CAL1002MLRS-AS 10'/304cm 158g 5-25g Regular 2
CAL1002MRS-AS 10'/304cm 167g 10-35g Regular 2

4 pc models:

Model Length Weight Casting weight Action Sections
CAL804ULRS-AS 8'/244cm 136g 2-12g Regular 4
CAL904MLRS-AS 9'/274cm 150g 5-25g Regular 4
CAL904MRS-AS 9'/274cm 166g 10-35g Regular 4
CAL1004MLRS-AS 10'/304cm 172g 5-25g Regular 4
CAL1104MRS-AS 11'/335cm 211g 10-35g Regular 4


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