Daiwa Legalis Spinning Rod (2, 3 & 4 pc models)

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa Legalis Spinning Rod series has been especially designed for hunting salmonid species at streams, rivers, lakes and at the shorelines of the Baltic and North Sea. The range of this specialty rod series has been exactly matched for the target species like sea and lake trout, rainbow trout and char. Of course, some models are also perfectly suited for targeted fishing for perch, chub and pike.

The lightweight carbon fiber blank shave stylish matt finish and all rods are equipped with Seaguide guide and full cork handles. Select according your fishing style, pair it with Legalis LT spinning reel and you have a perfect combo.

Daiwa Legalis Spinning Rod features:

  • 2, 3 and 4 piece models available
  • High quality carbon blank
  • Down locking reel seat
  • Seaguide guides
  • Matt finish design
  • Regular action on all models
Model Length Weight Casting weight Sections
LEG603ULRS-AS 6'/183cm 117g 2-10g 3
LEG704LRS-AS 7'/213cm 129g 5-15g 4
LEG804ULRS-AS 8'/244cm 135g 2-12g 4
LEG804MLRS-AS 8'/244cm 158g 5-20g 4
LEG904MLRS-AS 9'/247cm 175g 5-25g 4
LEG904MRS-AS 9'/247cm 181g 15-40g 4
LEG964LRS-AS 9'6''/289cm 196g 3-15g 4
LEG1004MLRS-AS 10'/304cm 191g 10-30g 4
LEG1004MRS-AS 10'/304cm 200g 15-50g 4
LEG1064MLRS-AS 10'6''/320cm 204g 5-20g 4
LEG1104MHRS-AS 11'/335cm 245g 20-60g 4
LEG1204MHRS-AS 12'/365cm 297g 25-80g 4
LEG1204HRS-AS 12'/365cm 312g 120g 4
LEG1162HRS-AS 11'6''/380cm 380g 150g 2


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