Hanak H 49 XH - Jig Hook

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Manufacturer: Hanak

Hanak H 49 XH - Jig Hook is a heavy wire jig fly hook with barb. Forged wire makes this hook even stronger. Black nickel finish increases corrosion resistance.

This hook is good choice for tying flies that you want to swim upside down. This prevents snagging the bottom too often. You can tie trout streamers, perch flies, leeches etc. with this hook. Recommended to tie with slotted beads.

Hanak H 49 XH - Jig Hook features:

  • Jig style bend at the front
  • Suitable for tying trout streamers, perch flies, large nymphs for salmon etc.
  • Use with slotted beads
  • Heavy wire
  • Barb
  • Black nickel finish
  • 20 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#2 32 mm 10,5 mm
#4 30 mm 9,2 mm
#6 27 mm 8,8 mm

Hook Size:

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In stock
In stock
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