Woodcock Wings

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Manufacturer: Veniard

Woodcock Wings have plenty of usable plumage and quills with beautiful, natural color pattern. Stiffer quills can be used as a wing material for small traditional wet flies. There is also some softer feathers at the base section. Tips of those feathers can be used as a soft hackle material. Single barbs are perfect for tails, nymph backs etc.

Woodcock Wings features:

  • Package includes one pair of wings
  • Plenty of material for classic wet flies, nymphs and other insect imitations
  • Wing length about 12 - 17 cm
  • Stiffer quills are about 7 - 11 cm long
  • Softer feathers are about 2 - 5 cm long
  • Barb lengths are mostly 1 - 3 cm long
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