Sybai SLF Dubbing Dispenser

17,90 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Sybai Tackle

Sybai SLF Dubbing Dispenser has 10 popular colors. Comes in three different color combinations. Sybai SLF Dubbing is a synthetic dubbing for both wet flies and dry flies. SLF Standard dubbing is tremendously popular and widely used for its unique translucence and lifelike sparkle. Broad color range invites use for almost any pattern.

Sybai SLF Dubbing Dispenser features:

  • Each dispenser contains 10 colors (colors may vary between different batches)
  • Synthetic dubbing
  • Can be used for both wet and dry flies
  • Translucent and lifelike fibers
  • Dispenser size 10 x 1 gram
  • Also available in single colors


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