Stroft NiTi Polywire

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Manufacturer: Stroft

Stroft NiTi Polywire is unique leader material made of nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloy. Braided structure consists of multiple thin woven wires and is therefore flexible. This material has less memory than many other similar leader types. NiTi will snap back to the original state even after severe bending. The strongest and easiest attachment is achieved by using clinch knot with 4 turns.

Excellent leader material for jig fishing. The thickest ones can be used also for heavier pike fishing.

Stroft NiTi Polywire features:

  • Braided structure, consists of multiple woven wires
  • Made of unique nickel-titanium alloy (NiTi)
  • Flexible
  • Use clinch knot with 4 turns for attaching
  • Color: Matt Carbon Black
  • 2 meters per spool
  • Check out Stroft NiTi Monowire as well which consists of just a single wire and therefore is stiffer
Diameter Strength Approx. strength with clinch knot
0,20 mm 3,10 kg 3,00 kg
0,30 mm 8,00 kg 7,20 kg
0,35 mm 14,00 kg 11,00 kg
0,40 mm 18,00 kg 14,50 kg
0,50 mm 27,00 kg 22,00 kg
0,60 mm 35,00 kg 29,00 kg


0,20 mm
21,90 EUR
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0,30 mm
23,50 EUR
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0,35 mm
24,50 EUR
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0,40 mm
25,90 EUR
In stock
0,50 mm
25,90 EUR
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0,60 mm
29,90 EUR
In stock
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