Hends CDC Puffs

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Manufacturer: Hends

Hends CDC Puffs feathers (Cul de Canard) are soft and fluffy feathers for small insect imitations. The stem is short or non-existent and therefore the easiest way to tie these is to just attach a single or multiple feathers on the hook hook shank with tying thread. Use as a wing material for emergents, midges, CDC Buzzers and other smaller dry flies. Alternative way of using this material is to cut the feathers in small pieces and dub for bodies, thoraxes etc.

Hends CDC Puff feathers features:

  • Airy, fluffy and soft feathers for dry flies
  • Tie on the hook as they come for creating small insect imitations
  • Use for wings
  • Also a good material for making your own CDC dubbing
  • Feather length about 10 - 15 mm


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