Hends Perdigone Pearl Body

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Manufacturer: Hends

Hends Perdigone Pearl Body is thin, translucent and pearlescent body material. It is suitable for euro nymphs, larvae, buzzers and other small insect imitations. Attach on the hook with tying thread and wind around the hook shank. Underbody can be tied with thick tying thread, silk or other similar material. As the Perdigone Pearl Body is translucent, it's recommended to use different colors for underbody to create nice color combinations.

Hends Perdigone Pearl Body features:

  • Translucent
  • Pealescent colors
  • Use for tying bodies
  • Suitable for nymphs, larvae, buzzers etc.
  • Spool size 11 m
  • Medium: Width approximately 1 mm

Color, Size:

Black, Medium
Black, Medium
Temporary out of stock
Brown (dark), Medium
In stock
Green Deep, Medium
In stock
Olive, Medium
In stock
Olive (light), Medium
In stock
Red, Medium
In stock
Yellow, Medium
In stock
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