Chocklett's Live Gummy Skin

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Manufacturer: Hareline

Chocklett's Live Gummy Skin can be used for realistic minnow imitations such as Gummy Minnow. This is silicone sheet, with adhesive backside. Backside has cover paper, which should be removed just before attaching the sheet. Frontside has scale-like surface.

Easy to use and you can "tie" a fly even without using tying thread. Cut about fish profile from Chocklett's Sili Skin and attach it to the hook. Do not strech and cut to final form. You can also mix different colors to create very nice combinations.

Chocklett's Live Gummy Skin features:

  • Use for Gummy Minnows and similar fly patterns
  • One-sided adhesive surface
  • Sheet size approximatel 5 x 30 cm


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