Fly Makers Wax

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Fly Makers Waxes are made especially for the North Country Fly Tying Tradition with uses for all aspects of fly craft.

Fly Makers Wax, also known as Cobblers Wax, has long been important to the fly tyer. These waxes aid the tyer in many ways from helping dubbing to adhere to preserving and water proofing the silk threads. The different waxes have different properties as described below. To apply keep a small pea size ball of wax close to hand. Warm the wax ball by rolling in your fingers momentarily. Now utilizing finger pressure draw the desired length of thread across the wax to apply a coating of wax to the thread.

Size of the wax piece is about 2,5 x 2,5 x 1,5 cm.

There are five different formulas of Fly Makers Wax:

  • 621 Formula: The least tacky and hardest of the traditional waxes. Commonly called "summer wax" and could be kept in ones shirt pocket to tie streamside.
  • 721 Formula: Medium tack, medium hard wax. This is probably the workhorse of the traditional recipes.
  • 722 Formula: Soft high tack wax, also called winter wax. This formula was commonly used during cold seasons as it was the easiest to soften.
  • Custom L Harrington White: White Wax as described by L. Harrington Keene in the third edition of "Fly Fishing and Fly Tying" published 1898. This wax was the preferred and recommended wax of James Leisenring and Vernon Hidy for use when creating the bodies of Wet Flies and Flymphs as per their book " The Art of Tying the Wet Fly & Fishing the Flymph" published in 1971. White wax is much less likely to darken or alter the color of lightly colored tying silk or body materials as more traditional cobblers wax does. This white wax mixture softens readily in the hand for use and is also only moderately tacky. Keep a small amount of wax, roughly the size of a pea, at the tying station for use. The remainder should be stored sealed in the freezer. Stored this way will prolong the life of the unused portion of the wax.
  • Black Cobblers: Traditionally used to alter thread color, such as in the Greenwell's series of flies.


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