Pearl-A-Glow Magnum Flashabou

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Manufacturer: Hedron

Pearl-A-Glow Magnum Flashabou - A Glow-in-Dark and Pearl Flashabou blend for an extremely effective fly pattern. The Glow strands catch the attention of fish from a greater distance as the flash and movement of the Pearl strands mimic an escaping bait fish. Slightly wider strands are ideal for larger saltwater and pike flies.

Pearl-A-Glow Magnum Flashabou features:

  • Blend of Glow-in-Dark and Pearl Flashabou fibers
  • Good choice for low light conditions and for deeper water columns
  • Use for saltwater and pike flies and other larger fly patterns
  • Add on the wing
  • Width of the fibers is about 0,8 mm (1/32")
  • Fiber length is about 40 cm
  • Package contains approximately 400 strands


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