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Manufacturer: Tiemco

TMC 212TR is a curved dry fly hook. There is a short, straight section behind the hook eye. This makes this hook ideal for tying parachute dry flies, such as Klinkhammer and its variants. Also a good hook for tying pupae and other insect imitations where curved design allows creating more life-like patterns.

This hook comes with the same 1X Fine wire as the popular TMC 100 dry fly hook has.

TMC 212TR hook features:

  • Curved dry fly hook
  • Use for parachute dry flies (Klinkhammer etc.), pupae and other insect imitations
  • 1X Fine wire
  • 4X Short shank
  • 5X Wide gape
  • Bronze colour finish
  • 20 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#9 13 mm 7,4 mm
#11 11 mm 6,4 mm
#13 10 mm 6,0 mm
#15 9 mm 5,0 mm
#17 8 mm 4,2 mm

Hook Size:

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