Vision XLS Pikemaniac

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Manufacturer: Vision

Vision XLS Pikemaniac - Introducing the all-new Vision XLS Pikemaniac fly reel, where power meets precision. This reel follows on from the legendary red Vision XLV Mama reel and features a series of cutting-edge upgrades, making it the go-to reel for your next pike fly fishing trip.

A brand-new sealed drag system sits at the heart of the XLS Pikemaniac. This new sealed robust disc brake configuration has been engineered from the ground up specifically to deliver the smooth performance required by pike and predator anglers. Fortified with sealing O-rings and SKF grease, this re-designed, powerful, fully adjustable drag system will see you conquer even the biggest toothy predators. The XLS Pikemaniac also features a rock-solid heraldic V-frame, ensuring strength and rigidity in the heat of battle. The large arbour design delivers fast line retrieval, while the reel's optimised dimensions are perfect for #9 and #10 lines, making it the ‘go-to’ reel for targeting pike and other apex predators. The metallic dark olive colour not only matches seamlessly with Vision Pikemaniac rods, but when combined, they create an unstoppable force designed to dominate the biggest crocs!

XLS is family of highly water-resistant sealed system fly reels for knock-out performance! XLS series features family of tightly sealed brake system reels. Drawing inspiration from legendary XLV collection these reels have undergone a series of cutting-edge upgrades, making them go-to reels in their price range. In addition to the water-resistant sealed brake system, XLS series has multiple cool features like large-arbour for efficient retrieve, EVA handle for smooth grip and disc brake construction. Last but not least XLS reels are made with electrifying and fresh looks with Vision style color matches.

Vision XLS Pikemaniac features:

  • Class: #8/9
  • Weight: 156 g
  • Diameter: 109 mm
  • Color: Olive green
  • Volume: 114 mL
  • Line capacity: WF9F + 130 m 30 lb backing
  • Brake system: Sealed disc
  • Rim type: Open
  • Body: Machined
XLS Pikemaniac #8/9
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